Roller Shades

The Roller Shades decorates the room in a colorful or bold pattern while filtering or blocking the light. Depending on the color you choose, these versatile roller products range in opacity from light filtering to room darkening, with an acrylic thermal flock foam backing. Roller Shades also coordinate handsomely with our with drapery treatments for a tailored yet casual look

Solar Shades

To keep your room feeling light and bright, Solar Shades is a good choose. Combine the beauty of texture and pattern with heat and glare reduction with Solar Shades. Our shades have varying levels of openness to protect your home from damaging UV rays and block heat when shades are down, all while preserving your gorgeous view.

Sheer Shading

Sheer shading is the perfect window treatments if you want to control the natural light streaming in through your windows, but don’t want to block it out completely. These are particularly good for a work space where you rely on natural light to work by. Choose a color to complement the rest of your room, whether that’s a neutral shade or something a little more colorful.



Smart Home

Choosing motorized shades is choosing a new lifestyle! Play with natural light and create your own moods and enjoy the silence! Control your indoor shades from a remote control, tablet or smartphone. With a simple Hub, everything becomes easy!

Natural Woven & Bamboo Shades

Bamboo roll-up blinds add a relaxed element to your room and look great in a beach house or a nautical themed room. They block out plenty of light, but without being heavy or imposing in your space. They are neutral and natural and will be great if you have a penchant for organic materials.

Silk & Roman


Silk shades will add an element of understated luxury to any room. Window treatments like this have a luminous quality; letting through just enough natural light. 
From eclectic to modern, and casual to elegant, Roman Shades are a natural choice in window fashions for those wanting to make an upscale fashion statement that’s also pocketbook-friendly.